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Joel A. Smithers, D.O.

Joel A. Smithers, D.O.

7133 West Friendly Ave, Unit E, Greensboro, NC 27410
Primary Practice Medicine
Independent Provider
$80 Per In-Person Visit
$40 Per Skype/Phone Consult


Coverage Provided

24/7, 365

Work-related Experience

Serving patients in Urgent Care and Internal Medicine areas while operating my own Integrative Medicine practice, I have helped thousands of patients find alternative treatments for common issues ranging from pain to anxiety to common digestive disorders along with weight management and dietary guidance. In the new and growing field of Integrative Medicine the practitioner attempts to bring helpful, proven modalities from the world of Complimentary/Alternative Medicine to bear for the patient’s benefit while also having a willingness to use more conventional medicine involving drugs or surgery, if needed. The goal is to give patients the best treatment options available regardless from what areas of healing or medicine they come.

About Me

Through many adventures around the world I have found that helping others in need can be a great gift to both the patient and the healer. Seeing others benefit from my knowledge and skills never gets old and the greatest gift is seeing that sparkle in someones eye when you have helped them in some way. I have trained in hospital-based and office-based Internal Medicine, General and Orthopedic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and Interventional Pain Management.

My Education

Serving in healthcare almost 20 years has been an educational journey: I began as a cancer center volunteer then Nurses Aid then EMT, finally attending medical school at Lincoln Memorial University.

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Services Offered

  • Skype Appointments
  • Phone Appointments
  • In-person Appointments
  • Can Prescribe Medication
  • Offers Monthly Coverage Plans
  • Offers Yearly Coverage Plans

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