Shefali Ajmera

Shefali Ajmera, MS RDN LD CDE

Dallas, Texas
Dietary Medicine
Independent Provider
$99 Per In-Person Visit
$99 Per Skype/Phone Consult

Board Certified


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What to eat, how to eat, where to eat, how to cook, what to snack, what to eat out...carb, protein, fat, fiber....paleo, organic, plant based, vegan, gluten free, keto, low glycemic... ​ Our job is to combine all the complex nutrition words, lingo, principles and come up with the NUTRITION PLAN that is right just for YOU. ​ We will show you exactly how to eat to feel energized, look and feel young, and fix your numbers and surprisingly without going on any kind of diet program!!

Work-related Experience

Over decade of my extensive nutrition experience, i know giving diet sheet and 1000 calories does not work! What works it really personalizing your food plan based on you. Making it simple, easy, and fun experience is a great part of my job.

About Me

Hi, I am Dietitian and Nutritionist at Webnutri. To make it easy, sometimes, I like to call myself food doctor! I treat my patients and clients with the food that we eat! We also call it functional food medicine. Weight, Wellness, and Diabetes is my passion and working with you is my dream job! I completely understand that social media has made it so possible to eat healthy as tough as working on your PHD! I know how busy life can get..being working professional, mom of 2 kids, 3 pets. I choose food and nutrition as my career because I firmly believe in food magic!

My Education

Bowling Green State University '06 - Masters, Foods and Nutrition Maharaja Sayajirao University '02 - Bachelors, Food and Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences

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  • Skype Appointments
  • Phone Appointments
  • In-person Appointments
  • Can Prescribe Medication
  • Offers Monthly Coverage Plans
  • Offers Yearly Coverage Plans

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