Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Cureuss is a platform to connect direct care, cash only providers with patients seeking cash only service. Patients can choose which type of care they would like to receive, their preferred provider, and time.
Please do not discuss patient medical issues over Cureuss. We would ask that you wait until your scheduled appointment.
Cureuss does not accept insurance. We feel that best way to provide availability, choice, and transparency is by eliminating restrictions associated with certain coverages.
After you have requested an appointment with the provider of your choice, after they approve your request, you will receive a text confirming your appointment.
Your payment is processed as soon as the provider opts to approve your appointment request, or as soon as you book (if instant booking).
Each licensed and board certified provider will have a check indicating so on their profiles.
Providers are paid 7 days after the appointment has been approved.
You can opt to be paid via bank account or debit card.
The cost is a flat rate of 6% of each appointment scheduled.
Cureuss does not offer malpractice insurance, and we ask that you protect yourself by taking out a policy.